summer vacation is approaching, a new wave of study tours is in full swing. The core of the popular overseas study tours in recent years should have beenon"tour"and""and skills, some parents believe that study tours not only allow their children to visit foreign scenery, but also experience famous overseas schools in a short period of time, killing two birds with one stone. However, there are also some drapes"is taught intour"coat often costs tens of thousands of yuan, but in fact it is"tour""", make students and families grow upcall"incompatibility".

  7-year-old children also travel to study.

Younger Age is a New Feature


the rise of parent-child family study tours has boosted the younger age of study tours. Go7, from BeijingXX7-year-old son went to the Philippines. She said that she would kill two birds with one stone by taking her children out to play and learn spoken English.

, the author learned from the New Oriental International Travel Consulting Office that the upsurge of studying abroad has given birth."study tourheat", such as the main products such as the European and American study abroad life experience series.,70%'s routein6was full at the beginning of the month.."a few years ago, the third and Senior high school students were the main force in studying abroad. Now their age has declined, and the first and even primary school students are gradually grabbing the market.."

study tours are mainly in English-speaking countries. Take a two-week study tour as an example. Going to the United States, Canada, Britain and other countries costs the most, mostly 30 thousands or 40 thousands yuan or more.;cost relatively little is the Asian route, which costs around 10 thousands or 20 thousands yuan.

, from the perspective of the purpose of study tours, statistics show that nearly 40% of the study tours last year were preparing for studying abroad.,30%, a considerable number of consumers only want to come.field"said go-and-go brigadeline".

in the view of Lin Shanshan, a teacher from the Department of Tourism Management of Zhejiang University, students above middle school and adults are most suitable for study tours, and primary school students had better participate in parent-child study tours or self-help tours with their parents.

Personal Customization Tour and Learning

Multiple choices are the key

, study tours are becoming more and more popular.line"system", whether you can choose a customized product that suits you is the key to success or failure.

Maggie Tour, said that the current customized tour route can freely combine the ratio of tour to study according to needs, and the tour cycle and location selection are more flexible.

in the eyes of some parents,"study tour is preparation for studying abroad.". Parents hope that through study tours, their children can feel whether they are suitable for studying abroad and avoid blindly going abroad.XXhopes to give his second-year daughter a study tour.XXsowed the seeds of studying abroad, so after discussions with study tour institutions, according to the children's actual English level and demands, they chose one"classes in the morning and tours in the afternoon."products, and can choose some places to play. Wu Siyi is very happy to experience different study life in Australia.

However, Changsha6studentsXXwas not so lucky. Her parents did not make a careful comparison of the specific projects of the study tour, thinking that they participated in Canada, which was entertaining and entertaining.2, the children who joined the group alone only changed places to play games. And freshman horseXX, I originally thought of studying in various famous universities in the United States, but I eventually became a campus tour."to this onetour".

feedback on the mixed effects of study tours,XXInternational Study TourXXbelieve that the rationality of the curriculum should be paid primary attention to, and the focus of study tour ison"", students have to go deep into one or two cities to learn more life-oriented and practical courses before they can really gain.

consumers also have to keep their eyes open and keep an eye on the contract. Chen Junxu said that attention should be paid to the implementation of personal customization of study tours, both responsible parties and fee settlement.

Lu, Associate Professor, Department of Tourism Management, Zhejiang UniversityXXtold this newspaper that non-governmental educational institutions and travel agencies are the main organizers of primary and secondary school students' study tours, and the introduction of their study tours should be unified in standards and specific explanations, so as not to mislead consumers.

LuXXbelieves that a truly implemented study tour can enable students to collide with different thinking concepts in a foreign country, make students' personality extroverted, and improve their cultural perception ability, which is a useful supplement to traditional education.