Service-Drive Value Improvement

"Protecting Customer Operations" is regarded as the highest purpose by Manhe Machinery. Since the establishment of the group, we have always adhered to the value-added service concept of "personal, intimate, full life cycle, full value chain", and provide you with worry-free services throughout the life cycle from pre-sales, in-sales to after-sales. Integrate value-added services into any link closely related to every customer.

Pre-sales service

400 customer sales center, user experience day, Jinling manual training plan, in-depth customized construction solutions

400 Customer Sales Center. This is the information center for us to communicate with you. In order to accurately and efficiently convey service information, it is divided into information communication center, customer satisfaction improvement center, customer behavior analysis center and product marketing promotion center. Here, we will provide you with one-stop professional services such as service outlet introduction, product price consultation, technical support, product complaint, service complaint, repair report, spare parts consultation and sales.

User Experience Day. Through the introduction of new products and the actual operation experience of customers, we have a full range of in-depth communication with you to help you understand Xugong and construction solutions.

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