announced a few days ago that "requirements for the operation and service of third-party online trading platforms for travel agency products" and "service requirements for travel agency service outlets", etc5tourism industry standards approved, will beon7month1. Among them, the first new regulation is the first regulation of online tourism business services, and it is highly targeted to control the current online tourism chaos, so it has attracted much attention.

in which aspects of the new rules regulate the operation of online travel.Fan?for Tourism Enterprises on Internetindustry"fish dragon mixedmiscellaneous". When tourists choose online travel services, it is difficult to protect their rights and user information is leaked. Is there any corresponding measure in this regulation?application?what impact will it have on the future development of online tourismring?made an investigation and interview on these issues.

"black"enterprises to gain a foothold.


In recent years, China's online tourism market has grown rapidly, creating a number of online tourism enterprises such as Ctrip, Qunar and Tuniu. At the same time, many travel agencies have gradually expanded their business to online, and the official website has become an important way to attract tourists. More and more tourists are getting used to inquiring about relevant information, booking product routes and making corresponding evaluations on the Internet.."online tourism is of positive significance for promoting the construction of modern service industry in China and giving consumers more choices.."Dai Bin, President of China Tourism Research Institute, first affirmed the positive significance of online tourism enterprises, and pointed out that there are also some problems at present.,", some enterprises publish some false tourism information on the Internet, and some are suspected of violating the tourism law and the regulations of travel agencies.."

."incenseXday tour, onlyrequired999yuan"and other slogans are attractive in price, but they may hide consumption traps. In addition, some websites have false information and even some are not qualified."black travelclub","black guidetour"is also online"muddy water touchfish". Once disputes arise, it is difficult for consumers to protect their consumption safety and pay for them.

  "first of all, we are faced with the problem of defining the responsibility, whether it is the responsibility of the publisher or the responsibility of the publishing platform.Ren?"Dai Bin said.7month1clearly explain the classification, transaction process, basic requirements for operation, basic requirements for services, and requirements for travel agencies of third-party online trading platforms for travel agency products.

new regulations,"(third-party network communication)platform shall obtain the business license for industry and commerce, the business license for telecommunications and information services, complete the filing of the business website, and publicize the relevant letters in a prominent position on the main page of the website.interest","shall enter into an entry operation contract with the cooperative travel agency and supervise the travel agency products and related letters issued by the travel agency.interest","can set up a credit evaluation system to evaluate and manage the credit of travel agencies, the credit rating evaluation system should be publicized in advance, and provide tourists with credit rating inquiry services.service". These regulations provide protection for further regulating online tourism operations and safeguarding consumer rights and interests.make"black"enterprises to gain a foothold.

Save the transaction letterinterest3as the basis for safeguarding rights

accordingXXConsulting Data,2013, the transaction scale of China's online tourism marketda2204.6billion yuan. The "Survey on Chinese Netizens' Tourism and Leisure Life and Outbound Tourism Consumption Status" shows that young and middle-aged people with high education and middle and high income have become the main body of online consumers with travel habits, and their travel methods tend to be networked and self-service,75%of netizens will choose online online transactions for travel consumption.

  "XX"ishere75%. As an independent photographer and travel expert,"XX"has gone by itself.27countries. approx.in2010, he began to plan the whole process through the network, and dealing with various travel websites became the norm for him to travel.."sometimes I hit the road alone, sometimes I set out in groups with a few friends.."During this process,"XX"found many imperfections in the travel website.

  "last year, I made an appointment with several friends to go to Sanya for vacation and buy products through a travel website. Several others entrusted me with full authority. So, colleagues7people..""XX"said,"is very convenient and saves time, it also has hidden dangers. For example, the travel agency that undertakes only has the real-name information of one participant, and the travel website only signs a travel contract with me, which cannot guarantee that every tourist recognizes the terms agreed in the contract. In the event of an accident or dispute, it will be difficult for my friend to defend his rights.."

to this, Dai Bin stressed that tourists must sign contracts when purchasing tourism products through websites. Generally, regular online travel websites also have a variety of options for signing contracts: online signing, fax signing, door-to-door signing or retail signing. According to Articles 10 and 11 of Chapter II of the The People's Republic of China Contract Law, electronic contracts signed online have the same legal effect as paper contracts.

new regulations also have corresponding requirements for information and data services of online tourism enterprises.."platform has been stored for a long time since the date of their last login.on3. The transaction data that can be queried is kept for a period of time from the date of the transaction.on3."in this way, if there is a dispute after tourists' consumption, there will be a basis for safeguarding their rights.

There is a long way to go to prevent information leakage.

recently, the problem of leaking tourist information about online booking or purchasing travel products has been widely criticized.

Today3month, the vulnerability report is flat.station"XX"published a message on its official website, pointing out that a large number of Ctrip users' bank card information was leaked. The leaked information includes: cardholder's name, cardholder's ID card, bank card type, bank card number, etc., endangering the user's payment security. Some industry sources revealed that thisthing"may affect online travelindustry". Other problems such as disclosure of user contact information and purchase records are also widespread.

  "this is indeed a problem that plagues tourists."Dai Bin admitted in an interview with this newspaper,", we should also see that this does not only exist in online travel companies, but also in Internet companies in other fields, such as shopping. Preventing information leakage is a problem of network supervision, which involves many departments. It is difficult to solve it by the tourism department alone. It needs to be solved by the Internet supervision department, financial supervision department, public security department, etc.."