yesterday, the national summer transportation and the nationalXXThe operation chart is adjusted and started at the same time. BeijingXXBureau to Openline512.5For trains, the number of EMU trains running reaches 60% of all trains running. Yesterday, Beijing's first high-speed rail to Xiamen took only time.have13hours. At the same time, in order to facilitate the travel of passengers, BeijingXXalso opened two more trips to Harbin West on weekends for the first time."redeye"high-speed rail.

Beiqing Daily from BeijingXXlearned that,twotrip"redeye"high-speed rail respectivelyisG2583times(BeijingSouth2:32on, timesday9:04to HarbinWest)andG2581times(BeijingSouth1:43on, timesday8:46to HarbinWest), concentrated on the weekend, the opening timeis7month4day9month1day.

According to the staff, normal high-speed rail trains generally end their operations after midnight, and maintain and maintain lines and trains at night. This time, in order to ensure and relieve the pressure of going to the northeast during the summer,XXdepartment will adjust the maintenance time and put it into night transportation.