recently, inXXNo.38World Heritage Committee meeting,"China Universiaderiver"has been approved for inclusion in the World Heritage List and has become our country.No.46World Heritage Site. Located at the end of the Grand Canal into the sea, the Dagukou Fortress Site Museum has opened a large temporary exhibition to introduce the development history of the Grand Canal.

it is understood that,XXis a great ancient project on the plains of eastern China. At the end of the sea, there is a unique geographical location, which records a history of humiliation. This is Dagukou guarding the country. Recently, the Dagukou Fort Site Museum held a large-scale temporary exhibition "Flowing Transportation" as an opportunity for the successful application of the Grand Canal.river--China Grand Canal Photo Exhibition "to introduce the development history of the Grand Canal to visitors in detail. Match"into the museumPavilion"theme missionary activities,will"Grand Canal Pictureexhibition"joined the museum's commentary to lead the public to understand the history of the canal.