stationbay"sightseeingbureau"XXX7month1that in the first half of this year, more mainland residents visited Taiwan individually.50million people, close to last year52million people, this year is more likely to suddenlybroken10010,000.

  4, Taiwan's immigration authorities will set the individual travel quota for mainland tourists to Taiwan from perday3000person raised4000people. Xie Weijun that dayin"Shanghai Promotes Taiwan Tribal Depthtour"said at the meeting that it is believed that with more mainland tourists visiting Taiwan in depth, tribal sightseeing will certainly become the best choice for mainland tourists to visit individually.

Shanghai Tourism Industry Association shared at the meeting.7the feelings of the trip to Taiwan's ethnic minority tribes on the day, and announced that it will jointly promote mainland tourists to Taiwan's ethnic minority tribal areas.area"depthtour".


delegation, Director of Tourism Market Management Office of Shanghai Tourism AdministrationXXintroduction said,6month26, Shanghai China Travel Service, Straits National Travel Service, Shanghai Youth Travel Service, Shanghai Airlines International Travel Service, etc16Shanghai tourism industry, walking into the mountains and rivers on the east coast of Taiwan, focused on visiting tribal attractions in Yilan, Hualien and Taitung, including Shuilian, Sanzhan, Qimei, Jingpu, Bixili'an, Duli, Bold and other tribes.

Gao Jin Sumei, a representative of the public opinion of Taiwan's ethnic minorities, said that if you don't go to the tribe, you can't really travel to Taiwan. I hope that more mainland tourists can come to the tribal areas to experience different Taiwan. Many tribal representatives said that tribes are small and beautiful, so they need more refined, deep and high-end tourists to truly appreciate the beauty of tribes.

said that although the trip was short, they had felt the enthusiasm and sincerity of Taiwan's ethnic minorities and the exquisite and thoughtful service. They will develop corresponding tourism products as soon as possible and organize mainland tourists to enter the Ministry.drop"Originaltownship", experience good mountains and good water.