Recently, China's County Tourism Developmentexhibition"XXroad"Seminar in Fujian ProvinceXXCounty held. The seminar was jointly sponsored by China Tourism News, Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau and Longyan Municipal People's Government,XXCounty People's Government undertakes. Experts and scholars attending the meeting have expressed their opinions onXXcounty tourism development was discussed and summarized, and suggestions for its future development were made.

in fact, from the last worldperiod90s,XX's tourism industry has already started. in recent years,XXtourism has attracted extensive attention from the outside world.

National Tourism Administration, believes that whether it is a county, a city or a region, it is generally very difficult to shift from a resource-based economy to a service-oriented or value-added economy. Many resource-exhausted cities, as well as some early industrial cities, are now in transition.XXcan realize this transformation in a short time,is"XXroad".XXis rapid, the development level of county tourism is very high, and the handwriting is also very large. AndXXtourism in a meticulous direction on the basis of large-scale spending requires further consideration.


China Travel News, said,XXCounty is determined to shift from enriching the people with coal to enriching the people, and from selling coal in the past to selling air, ecology, and culture. This is a strategic adjustment of economic and social development thinking. It is a resource-consuming and even exhausted industry. The transformation of a modern service industry that conforms to ecological civilization and sustainable development.

XXanalysis, in recent years,XXCounty is to explore the way to promote tourism development and realize the historic leap from natural development to conscious development of tourism. From the perspective of the whole industry, although many places claim to be big tourism counties and strong tourism counties, they have not yet fully reached this stage and level, and are still in the mixed and transitional stage of natural development and conscious development.

the so-called natural development is to let nature take its course and let it go.exhibition;conscious development is to develop consciously and actively seek development according to the law. It is to carry out layout, overall planning and integration, scientific promotion, moderate compensation, deliberate strengthening and overall improvement on the basis of exploring and grasping the laws of tourism.

insurance"soilflavor": From Blind Imitation to Based on Characteristics

FujianXXUniversityXXbelieves that,"soilflavor"refers to the local flavor and local flavor, including local history, local culture and rural resources.XXneed to save and digexcavation"soilflavor", as far as possible to fully show their own scenery, folk customs, nostalgia, from the details, carriers to find the symbol of the local. First of all, we should dig from the historical traceability.excavation"soilflavor", we must dig deeper and condense those spiritual qualities in Hakka culture. For example, in the near futureXXFamily Training Hall and Virtue Hall is a good move. Secondly, we should dig from the commentary of reality.excavation"soilflavor", make full useXXthe existing folk customs, local operas, architectural styles, etc. For example, Fushi's ancient events, Chen Dong's April 8. of Hukeng as a great blessing, and Kanshi's wedding are all available for tourism. Finally, we should dig from the future demand of tourists.excavation"soilflavor", we should make a pre-judgment on the needs of future tourists.

  XXUniversityXXalso believes that,XXTulou has excellent tourism resources, and its Hakka Tulou cultural tourism should be said to belong to the category of rural tourism. Rural tourism specifically refers to tourism activities carried out in rural areas based on unique rural living environment, rural folk culture, rural pastoral scenery, agricultural production and its natural environment."villagesex"is the fundamental feature of rural tourism, and rural tourism with distinctive local characteristics should be maintained."truthsex". What rural tourism should highlight is the countryside."3": Life, production, and ecology.XXNeed to Strengthen Tulou Tourism Products"villagesex", pay attention to the excavation depth of Hakka culture of tourism products, and further increase the participation, entertainment and experience of related products.

in fact, during the discussion, expertswill"soilflavor"also points"soilfloor"itself"flavorroad", the emphasis is on the core attraction of tulou.

XXstressed that,XXtourism is Tulou, and any tourism development and construction should be firm.guard"star archmonth"is also an advantage that no matter how many major projects are difficult to compete for and divert. There are not many major tourism projects around the famous ancient city of Pompeii in Italy, the pyramids of Egypt and other world heritage sites. The cultivation of the tourism format of the tulou community should be the focus of research and development. Under the premise of strict protection and unified planning, it is necessary to selectively cultivate suitable tourism formats, from point to surface, from single to compound, from three-dimensional to all-round, In order to attract tourists to stay, appreciate, and consume, the formation is sufficient to maintain and support the soilfloor"live"'s humanistic and economic dynamics.

forestXXalso believes that in the case of increasingly fierce market competition, only by firmly grasping the characteristics of local tourism culture and carefully creating tulou cultural tourism products with distinctive local characteristics and distinctive rural characteristics, can we grasp the hearts of foreign tourists and be in an invincible position in the fierce market competition.

to the World: From Local Thinking to International Thinking

peakXXTourism Culture and Creative Co., Ltd.XXbelieves that,XXis the most Chinese, local and primitive national landmark that embodies humanistic homesickness. looking at china from a global perspective,XXis a national business card that can represent China's local culture. Its Hakka Tulou culture is not only a living inheritance of an ancient way of life, but also a link to show humanistic homesickness. In this regard,XX's resource endowment is undoubtedly world-class or even super-class. In addition, the development of Tulou has also injected modernity and fashion. Therefore, whether it is culture, natural landscape or garden pattern,XXcan comprehensively form typical Chinese visual symbols in the eyes of foreigners.

  XXindicates,XXneeds to use innovative thinking models to create internationally renowned tourist destinations. It can achieve all-round improvement of county tourism through six aspects: global tourism, full experience tourism, full chain tourism, all-weather tourism, all-media marketing, and full-process services., Really go to the world.

  XXCheng believes that,XXto build an internationally renowned tourist destination, the key is to reflectin"country", this reflects its grade and standard. To this end,XXalso need to continue to work on environmental factors and infrastructure.

  XXbelieves that,XXtourism needs to do two things to embrace the world: one is to attract world tourists, and the other is to do worldwide marketing.

  XXfurther analysis, Taiwan andXXis close at hand, and there are so many cultural connections. To build a world-class tourist destination, we must pay attention to Taiwan's tourist market. In addition to Taiwan tourists and even tourists from four places on both sides of the Taiwan Strait,XXalso need to attract real foreign tourists. As for marketing, joint marketing, conference marketing, festival marketing and other means can be used. aimed at taiwan tourists,XXtourism should beis"Strait Ihome·HakkaXX";for overseas50thousands of Hakka families and foreign tourists interested in Hakka culture,XXtourism should beis"XXsoilfloor·Hakka", Tulou can be understood as China"city".